Thursday, June 11, 2015


Wow. I needed a little while to get a hold of myself after seeing that; it blew me away. I'd been trying to be realistic and saying, "Don't get your hopes TOO high. It may just be a propaganda piece, or only focus on one or two simple scenes...and it'll probably only be about a minute, and not show everyone." Needless to say, that was way more than I was really anticipating. Time to scour each individual frame and notate the minutia!!!

Katniss' speech is givin' me chills. "We all have one enemy. He corrupts everything and everyone. He turns the best of us against each other. Tonight, turn your weapons--to the Capitol!"
Snow is so totally Satan. And I couldn't miss Brie--I mean, Lyme! (But danged if she doesn't still look just like Brienne there, lol.)

I guess the Everlark embrace is kind of a spoiler for non-reader fans, but I enjoy it. :'3 The trailer didn't give away anything that readers don't already know is coming.

FINNIIIIIIIIICK. ;_______; PRIIIIIIIIM. ;0; PLUTAAAAAARCH...not because he dies or anything, but just because of Philip. :'[

Now, Effie & Haymitch are my favorites, so I was praying to see them. Nothing spoilery, of course, but the shots we got are thrilling! Firstly: I'm betting--for now, anyways--on that being Eff's natural hair. 8D Light blonde, as I presumed (and as you could veeeery slightly glimpse poking out in Pt. I.; possibly a little yellowy-looking.) And teased up with mad hairspray and gel, apparently, so it looks more wig-like, but still real--actually growing from her head. It's in an almost Bride-of-Frankenstein-esque shape at the wedding, but I like it. What an upstanding hairdo.
(Though it could possibly be another wig, especially if the Capitol did remove her hair like Johanna's...)
Then the fringed, large-collared grey dress in the mirror shot--that's proooobably the scene straight from the book, near the end, prepping for the execution. :X Interesting outfit. Monochromatic, yet still Capitol-style... Somebody pointed out that the collar and fabric are reminiscent of Finnick's wedding clothes.**   *is totally dead*

Awwww...Effie smiling at Katniss, and beanie-less Haymitch smiling & touching her knee...;w; They're like her fairly odd parents!

I think my favorite clips are of the wedding (in which Effie may've had a hand in the planning...!) The dancing! The blown kiss! The beauty! The camera crew--recording it, I suppose? Naturally. And OMGGGG, Haymitch & Effie standing together!*** Right behind Coin & Plutarch. Oh, my darlins are so high-ranking. ^w^ (And there's Johanna behind Effie!!)

Now for Effie's wedding ensemble, because as usual she stands out--the pink flamingo in a gaggle of grey geese. ("Why am I the only guest dressed for the occasion...?" ;p Yeah, way to underdress, everybody else! And Coin, why you no let her give you makeover?! XD) [[Although it later appears that Johanna, at least, is in the D13 jumpsuit version of a dress!]] That pink getup must incorporate the garment Effie had on her table at the start of MJ1--what she must have been wearing when she arrived. No idea where she came by the rest of the outfit...and what're the odds that she'd just happen to have brought all the perfect accessories for this particular event with her? ;p Maybe they were able to stop somewhere and pick up such things, at some point.

Adorably, she appears to have chosen a coastal theme for her look to honor the happy couple and their district! The flowers, the bracelet colored like sea glass...the, possibly seashell or something earrings? It isn't clear enough to make out the shapes, but for some reason that was my first thought. And the necklace...ooh. A NECKLACE OF ROPE. Wardrobe symbolism strikes yet again. So glad she decided to go with that outfit for the wedding; c'est parfait. :']

Man. Haymitch, you had BETTER tell her that you like her dress, and her hair, and love everything about her. Call her "Sweetheart." Tell her she's beautiful. *Yzma voice* I need to hear these words. (And to see you two dance, and then eventually proclaim your love in some dramatic fashion, hold your own wedding, and make your own babies. It's tough to tell what exactly is going on in that huge wide shot of the dancing, but you can definitely spot Effie, and I'll go with "THEY'RE DANCING" because that so obviously must take place during the wedding...yarr.) hoping for/counting on SO MUCH from this movie, and I have no idea how many more times I'll lose my mind between now & November.

Aaaaand, I said more stuff: 
I think I'm-a cry & die, though not necessarily in that order... 

***IG discussion of the possibility of it not being her real hair in the "mirror scene" with Katniss:
"Yeah, Idk, it does look pretty yellow there, as opposed to natural light blonde (could be the lighting?? Or that she colored it?)...even though it does look as if it's growing from her scalp...could've possibly been colored (or a wig) b/c she was all Capitol-dolled-up again for that bit. Even though this fringed grey ensemble is still more monochromatic and almost sort of "fancied-up 13"-looking than what we might've expected for the occasion. 

The hair also seems...well, fairly damaged...possibly from things she's done to try and alter it, and/or simply being covered up so much, which has to be rather suffocating.
I'm hoping to and counting on seeing her REAL hair (not even teased/gelled up, just au naturale) & some more casual clothes, but assuming they wouldn't show THAT ahead of time b/c they wanna keep all the big reveals and Hayffie-type goodness a surprise. *fingers & everything else crossed*"