Thursday, July 23, 2015

Blindmowing! 8'''-O (MJ2 Trailer Discussion)

Just the sight of hovercrafts touching down gives me a chill. Watched on normal-speed first, then on 0.25. ;}
This time, the arena's in the Capitol. 8-0

Those SUMBISH lizard mutts--Cheesus Christ on a cracker. Okay, honestly, I was pretty much picturing bipedal, overgrown iguanas. Not these nekkidly nightmarish, horrifying-beyond-belief, slippery-slimy-looking eyeless man-beasts. *-* (Were we all silly to envision green gator-like things? Did we project our assumptions onto the text in spite of it, because what do you want when you're talking about reptilian monsters that live in a sewer? What we see in the trailer may be closer to the actual description of the mutts than what's been living in our heads...!)

OhgodOhgodOhgodOhgodOhgodOhgod, the parachute scene. They look like bubbles gently floating down, descending upon the crowd of children...`,-,`

Coin's fresh, upgraded "Paneman Presidential" look...hah. Did she get a makeover from Effie? xD That must've been fun. (Girl time! Sleepover!)

Tigris looks even cooler than I imagined, with that super-elaborate tattooing and whiskers and everything. From the little bit we can see of her shop and its basement, I don't think the shop is what I picture, but it looks pretty awesome anyway. Just...brighter, with nicer (Asian-inspired?) wallpaper. 8) Spotted a box in the cellar marked "glamour sample," hehe.

Shit. I'm not ready. I'll never be ready. I can't be ready. There is no ready. But I don't give a shit 'cause I neeeeeeeeeeed it now. x,_,x

Also: Ginormous greenhouse in a scene that reminds me of Winterfell, where Coriolanus Snow knows nothing?? >3<

Still no spoilers of any kind (if you've read), so that's good. I really didn't want any of those. Weeellll, unless you're counting the kiss. Folks might have a point that it'd be a better idea to show more of Peeta acting "mutt-like" rather than hugging & kissing Katniss in the trailers, but hey--they're still selling the love story! ;P
And okay, I suppose there MIGHT be a couple other very quick shots of scenes that'd be rather spoilery to show, but they kept it so that even readers can't be sure enough of what they're seeing to know that anything major is being "spoiled"/shown. To the non-reader who's not squinting and looking for particular details to identify a shot, it must simply look like an "awesome" action/war flick. ;p There are teasing bits to make you wonder about what's going on, but only readers know. The trailer contained nothing that I, personally, was surprised to see; it's the manner in which some of the scenes have been visually realized that's so amazing.
It's all still misleading for the film-only fans...right up to the end; I like that.
The wedding remains, predictably, the most lighthearted part by far.

Now, on my precious Hayffie front: I knew with near-certainty that there wouldn't be much new footage of either of them, which is disappointing, yet...the rest of it might just be TOO fantastically phenomenal and spoilerish to reveal ahead of time! It did include the Papa-Haymitch nod/grin/knee-touch, and the emotional Mama-Effie quick mirror shot & smile toward Katniss. Plus, of course, the all-encompassing wedding-dance shot.

No Beetee, I just realized. Figures, the resident geek gets relegated to the background...

What's next, I wonder? There are just under four months to get through now...will there be another trailer? More stills and/or posters? Will August, September, and October each hold some major reveal? I don't know how much more they can give us, but...well, no, I take that back. Running through the plot in my head, there are definitely things that could be shared without it being "too much."

In regard to another discussion:

-YES--I enjoy how MJ deals with the usage of propaganda in wartime, the cost of war, the distrust of revolutionary leaders ("new boss, same as the old"), and so on.

-Peeta's line about killing Snow & how that would give meaning to the other deaths: Some thought it was OOC for Peeta to say that one death would make another "mean something" because he's a pacifist. Well, I mean, obviously he's not a *complete* pacifist (who would refuse to use violence or kill anyone for any reason), but he is among the people closest to being one. I think, for one thing, he's trying to make Katniss feel better about the fact that her attempted "solo assassination mission" failed and resulted in the seemingly meaningless deaths of several people. Because by this point Katniss feels that her personal body count is way up in the thousands. Finnick is already lizard chow. ;___; The only thing that'll make her feel shittier is Prim's explosion. One can't be sure that Peeta's as fully convinced of the rightness of all this as, say, Gale is...he might be beginning to see it differently, especially in light of the fact that he was brainwashed into a weapon to kill his long-time love. Personally, I sympathize with him immensely, but would see the killing of Snow as necessary. Charity, really. xp Katniss was going after him out of pure, blind hatred, seeking revenge. Her method turned out to be a pretty reckless, half-cocked failure.

     His execution should be performed in the name of everyone who's ever been hurt or killed by him and the violent system over which he presides.Not that killing him is all it takes to "end all this" and change things for the better, but by this point it's fairly clear that ousting him is the ever-so-crucial first step. He's ruthless; no one and nothing is safe from his wrath. (And what would really be the point of capturing him to let him live out the rest of his life?)
Prim's death (along with all the other kids') is what makes Katniss see how imperative it is to eliminate Coin before she can continue on with her new-old system of injustice, totalitarianism, and unbridled killing. Katniss stood to lose her precious little sister no matter which "supreme commander" (aka giant refrigerator, aka hearing aid ;) was pulling the strings...and she chooses to kill the one ultimately responsible for her death. Kat and Haymitch don't really want more Hunger Games; they just wanted to put themselves on Coin's good side temporarily.