Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Oh, this sucks. You can't add new items into a numbered list on here. You also can't copy the list, paste it in WordPad, remove the numbers, and renumber it. -_- All you can do is add NEW numbers! So the original items then have two numbers, and the more you move things around the more wind up with just one for some unknown reason because computers are fuckin' which case...I should just start saving new potentially-favorites-list-worthy Pokemon here as they're revealed, then stick 'em all in come November! =D YEAH.

For now:

-Wimpod (definitely--cute lil' isopod! Slash-copepod-slash-trilobite with a tad bit o' horseshoe crab thrown in for good measure? 8D It'll probably have a "giant" evolution...! <3)
-Lycanroc: especially the midday/Sun form (like the Alpha & Omega wolves...wolfy head and mane/ruff, body is doggy :D)
-Type: Null (very intriguing...! Like its evolution, Silvally.)
-UB-01 (another jellyfish x~p) & UB-02 (Beauty ;p) & UB-03 (wires/Xmas lights/tree topper, lol)
-Sandygast & Palossand
-ALOLAN MUK! (tropical rainbow sludge...and the very interesting Grimer xD)
-ALOLAN GODDAMN BLONDE DUGTRIO (hawt 'n' smexy, lawl)
-Alolan Sandshrew
-Alolan Sandslash
-Alolan Meowth & Raichu
-Lurantis ('cause it's based on the perdy orchid mantis; Fomantis is cute)
-Minior (teh inner colorz!)
-Brionne & Torracat (I like Litten the best of the 3 starters, but I like Brionne & Popplio's 3rd stage more than Litten's evolutions...)  
-Oricorio and everypoké else I pinned here

And Salandit's cool; I like its marking and that it's based on the Japanese fire-belly newt. 

*Just saw the leaked pics. OH NOES, why must I dislike the apparent final evolution of Litten (my favorite starter) so much?! Dx DAMMIT. I wanted to love it. I wanted it to be awesome.'s another wrestling-themed mon. >< Oy. I like the Popplio one, the pretty merseal...despite how WEIRD it is to think of THAT evolving from lil' Poppli. O_o And Rowlet's archer-owl is nice. 

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