Monday, December 26, 2016

Holiday haul highlights 2016:

-Liz Taylor Gardenia+Dior Poison, gift card for Bowlero (looks-incredibly-sexy alley) in North Brunswick (Bowlmor in Green Brook on Rt. 22 was the place Jules, Col, & I had gone laser-light bowling...I was getting them mixed up, but according to reviews the newly-renovated Bowlero is even greater...!)
-Ollivander's shop ornament (with Viewfinder hole on the back displaying Harry approaching the counter!)
-Dory coffee pot mug
-Beautiful Columbia fleece, Yankee candles, Beagle Funko, etc., etc.!
***5 lbs of Haribo Gold Bears!!!; Kiki the baby kiwi (#1606/2000, Open Squish design winner) & Chester the grilled cheese sammich (or Al, since Weird Al=Cheese Sandwich? "Specialty of the House?" Chester XD) Squishables; Game of Thrones calendar (will use on fridge--Yearbook Dogs on my wall, princesses on fireplace as of now); "Essential Pokemon Book of Joy" (contains mad quotes from Team Rocket, including Cassidy & Butch!! <3); universal Harmony TV remote to replace my five different ones...although now I know I do need to replace the busted Blu-ray player too); Star Trek "beverage containment system" stein mug; coral-pink cardigan+purple hi-low tunic; candy apple hand sanitizer

Tons of pics and such...I really, really wish it had an album feature grouped by month or something, rather than just being an infinitely-scrolling monocolumnic (is that even a word??) thing... Also wish that .gifs weren't lumped in with your pics+vids. Love 'em, but they can be their own filter. Just one more won't hurt. ;p 

+More Hallmark Keepsakes! (with link to 2016 Dreambook video): 

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