Saturday, April 29, 2017

Spooty Spoothead Spootness

Decided to post my Spotify playlists, even though clicking on them just asks you to login...and when you sits there and does nothing...?? Um, wtf, mate? So you can't actually see them, which is totally bogus. Because they're practically the greatest things ever in the history of music. x-p  

  • Starred: 

  • Liked from Radio:

  • Ultimate Road Trip Playlist:

  • Child's Gift of Lullabies:

  • Disney & Co.:

  • Disney & Friends, Pt. II:

  • Muppet Movies:

(Plus the Frozen, Into the Woods, & other soundtracks...mostly Disney, haha...and Drew's Famous Halloween Party Music, Pokemon...) 

*With certain people such as Jewel and Bernadette Peters, I only starred favorite songs from albums I don't own on CD or cassette. Except for Jewel's "Joy." 

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