Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Saving this "personals ad"-type profile bc Idk where to put it yet...?

-Currently in Clark, NJ. Want to move to Los Angeles county, CA to put my media/film degree to better use. (BA in Communications/Media/Film & Recreation Administration minor)
-Seeking someone(s) compatible with the following profile!

Demo breakdown/factoids:
Age: 29 (DOB 7/18/87)
Sex/gender: F
Ethnicity: White
Nationality: American "Euromutt" (Irish, German, Hungarian, Polish, & Italian ancestry)
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'5"
Orientation: Heterosexual (either hetero with very low drive, or actually asexual...I guess I'm unsure. Demi maybe??)
Seeking: Friendship (...possibly more? With one person, ofc) (Always been attracted to [much] older men)
Want kids: Probably only the furry, finned, feathered, or scaly kind. (Might not be completely unpersuadable, but would likely be more interested in adopting anyway)
Smoke/drugs: No
Drink: Occasionally
Politically: Moderate, independent (weighted left)
Religion: Raised Catholic. More 'spiritual' than only one specific thing exclusively. Wicca/Paganism & Buddhism are very appealing to me.
Astrological & personality types: Cancer. Rabbit. (Very specifically: 3rd-decanate Cancerian [Leo cusp] with Taurus moon & Leo ascendant; Fire-element Rabbit "Looking at the Moon" with Dragon ascendant. I know sign descriptions can be totally inaccurate for some people, but mine tend to be...usually pretty good for the most part.) INTJ. RLOEI (close to RC.) Ravenclaw (Slytherclaw?)/Horned Serpent. More left-brained, but pretty balanced in that sense.
Alter-ego: Lucy Ricardo (to name only one ;)

Essential info:
-Animal fanatic. My favorites are dogs & fish/aquatic critters (especially tropical fish and rays/sharks.) Many favorite breeds of dog (& cat, horse...) Atm have three true family-pet dogs & one who's more my own; she's a show Champion. I adore dog shows and other sports.
-Unabashed mega-fangirl. Animation-obsessed Disneyholic & Pixarphile. Love movies, TV, music, musicals/theater, reading. Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Pokemon, Star Trek, My Little Pony: FiM, etc. 80s baby/90s kid for life.
-Likes/interests: The paranormal/supernatural/occult, nature, art/design, shopping, games & recreational sports/activities, plants (& fungi ^^)/gardening, learning, science, history, culture, vintage/retro/antique/nostalgic/classic/old things, colors, holidays,
list-making (esp. loooonng ones of favorite things in various categories), writing, water, houses/decor, names, scary stories, dance, thinking/fantasizing/daydreaming, FUN, awesomeness
-Lover of toys & miniature things; collector/packrat. Vast amounts of Lisa Frank, "In My Pocket" animals, plushies, figures, ponies, Beanie Babies, Funkos, Peeps, Polly Pockets, candles, stickers, ornaments, PEZ dispensers, Pokemon cards, fast-food toys, key chains, pins, buttons, bags, books, wearable stuff, etc.
-Big goal: Travel. I love trips. And I just dream of traveling for weeks, months at a time, having nearly every kind of adventure there is to be had. (Especially...all around the US & Canada, all around Europe, Australia, Japan, island-hopping...) I don't necessarily even care whether it's by RV, motorcycle, bicycle, car, or foot.
-Took SCUBA lessons & own gear
-Mostly vegetarian

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