Sunday, July 23, 2017


HOLY FUCK WHAT JUST HAPPENED OH MY GODS AND GODDESSES. Just gotta spill my immediate reactions after watchin' S7E02.

Varys is all, "I CHOOSE YOU, FIRE/DRAGON-TYPE POKEMON!" *throws Pokeball* (He was the Flying-type gym leader of Westeros with all those little birds & has some Bug-types as well, but he's branching out. XD) I feel like Dany should've had that little discussion out with him much earlier? But, it was a fair enough exchange, I suppose. Just seemed an odd time to round on him like that; by this point I'd figured he would've already made such a promise to her and that she fully trusted him. That he'll be gauging her effectiveness, but be up-front about it rather than going behind her back against her if he stops liking how she's doing. But, anyways. Good to see it. Any ruler needs to be kept in check and remember that their job is to serve their people. And I mean, so far he hasn't betrayed or deserted anyone who didn't deserve it. (She got all dem eunuchs on her side, yo. xD) I love his for-the-people, no-blind-allegiance position. Sensed sincerity from him since the first season. I mean, poor guy was willing to die if she didn't accept his promise. (And you hadn't even thanked him for Dorne and Highgarden yet?! Honestly, girl.)

Mel-Mel's back! Aka, Little Red Riding Hood. Knew it. (And we can see where all this is going...the prince and the princess, the three heads of the dragon, the R+L=J that I suspect may be saved for the season finale...? It was like, "Talk to this dude, he literally freakin' died and I brought him back to life! But no, no, I fucked up massively with Stannis-Not-the-Mannis and am gonna be hella careful from now on...let him tell you...") Hooo, BOI. Go, Jon, go. Join them. (And please don't let things be shaping up largely according to my hopeful vision, only to fall tf apart...)

Leavin' Sansa in charge...hmm, she kinda likes that. Shut her right up. B-| (Again they're teasing this "Will Sansa get too much of a taste for power??") But ol' Slimyfingers better heed Jon's warning (fat chance) much ya wanna bet he's gonna try and pull some shit while he's away? Somebody'll have to take care of him (Arya? Brienne? And/or, hopefully Sansa will ultimately put one over on him, whether or not she pretends to go along with him or actually does for a time...)
Doubt Davos will be real happy to see Mel again, but guys, you're all on the same side here. The "boo-boo" with Stannis sacrificing little Shireen and others is fucked-up and hard to get past, I know it. Dangerous things indeed, prophecies. But y'know, I did appreciate Varys' little "touché, fair enough" bow when Dany pointed out that she's willing to forgive those who once made big mistakes and served the wrong people. (Especially if they had really shite pasts, apparently. And are still genuinely trying to help, in their own very different ways, to ultimately bring about the greatest good for the greatest number in the realm and also save it from complete and utter devastation.)

And okay, here's one thing I like about Randyll Tarly: his loyalty to Olenna & her House. He may be a totally shitty father, but at least he does appear to have a good sense of loyalty and honor.
But SAM, I HEART YOU. ;w; Bravely trying to save Jorah, peeling that nastyass greyscale off (omg, beyond disgusting, I would've been scraping that shit off as fast as it could form...chronic scab-scratcher here. That was hella satisfying to see Sam remove.) Aaaaand, then another grossness-to-food transition. xD

*ahem* We got dat hot Grey WormxMissandei action goin' on here, yeah booooooiii. {:'-] Really sweet, romantic scene.
PLUS...can we now have Arya/Hot Pie shippage? xD (For the gods' sakes, though, HP, give her a napkin, will ya?)
Change of plans there! Go kill Cersei now, vs. go home to Winterfell. Nice choice, Arya. Cersei gonna get it either way. >:| (Hopefully it'll still be you who gets the honor.) And then Nymeria--she belongs in the wild now with her own pack, but...doesn't mean that's the last time we'll see her, eh? ;) Go rejoin your pack, Arya. :'3 Through that steely, single-minded, must-go-get-Cersei determination broke the young girl who just misses her family and wants to reunite with them. *cue Daughtry's "Home* (Guessing we'll see Bran next week again too.)
"NOW this is the law of the jungle, as old and as true as the sky,
And the wolf that shall keep it may prosper, but the wolf that shall break it must die.

As the creeper that girdles the tree trunk, the law runneth forward and back;
For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack."
~The Jungle Book 


Yara/Ellaria, whoooa...! Saw that coming. Yarallaria, lol. I guess a certain other Greyjoy doesn't care too much for lesbionic shenanigans. Oh, yeah, forgot about the psycho one being out for you, huh?!? 8-O  D-x Guess he's got his "gifts" for Cersei...shit gaiz (ze missiles are coming, fire our shit! 'But I am le tired...') Also, I probably wouldn't give myself away by screaming before attacking. ><
You're on, Euron. Hopefully on fire soon. x-}

So, I love the teams now led by Dany and by Jon, which obviously have to merge. (Baelish can choke, though. We're grateful af to the knights of the Vale but don't trust you, man. You the kinda bitch don't do nothin' outta the 'goodness' of yer heart; gotta be somethin' in it for you...)

Now to rewatch, just picturing everyone in their "Game of Pones" pony forms. /)^3^(\

P.S. Gendry, dafuq are you, man? xD #foreverrowing

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