Saturday, July 8, 2017

Favorite 'Are You Afraid of the Dark?' Episodes+'Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction' stories!

(Acknowledging that I love or at least like all of them. The order is...rough, very rough. I don't think it's possible for it to be solid and wholly unchanging.)

For AYAotD?, I wanted to give the somewhat underappreciated Seasons 6 & 7 some presence, so I just let them have the last (un)lucky 13...rather than try and decide on further ones from S1-5, which got really really difficult.

The Tale of (the):

1. Dead Man's Float
2. Apartment 214
3. Locker 22
4. Jagged Sign
5. Dream Girl
6. Old Man Corcoran
7. Curious Camera
8. Shiny Red Bicycle
9. Laughing in the Dark
10. C7
11. Room For Rent
12. Dollmaker
13. Badge
14. Silent Servant
15. Dark Music
16. Quicksilver
17. Prom Queen
18. Super Specs
19. Renegade Virus
20. Crimson Clown
21. Chameleons
22. Captured Souls
23. Lonely Ghost
24. Watcher's Woods
25. Unfinished Painting
26. Vacant Lot
27. Carved Stone
28. Whispering Walls
29. Frozen Ghost
30. Thirteenth Floor
31. Station 109.1
32. Hungry Hounds
33. Full Moon
34. A Door Unlocked
35. Unexpected Visitor
36. Prisoners Past
37. Silver Sight
38. Virtual Pets
39. Night Nurse
40. Lunar Locusts
41. Highway 13
42. Forever Game
43. Bigfoot Ridge
44. Reanimator
45. Time Trap
46. Oblivion
47. Zombie Dice
48. Last Dance
49. Secret Admirer
50. Many Faces

An Honorable Mention: Phantom Cab

And favorite Beyond Belief stories (168 out of 225...again, adore every single one! ;-)...

Town of Remembrance
House of Shadows
Cup of Joe
The Gathering
The Grave
The Gravedigger's Nemesis
Dead Friday
The Mystery of Douglas Hibbard
Room 245
The Mandarin's Bowl
The Land
The Getaway
The Subway
Bright Lights
The Ice Box
The Bucket
One For the Road
The Diner
The Doll
The Caller
Last Rites
Hot Car
Phantom Drifter
Get Your Kicks at Motel 66
The House on Barry Avenue
Red-Eyed Creature
The Wall
The Hand
The Chalkboard
The Apparition
Creepy Comics
Teasdale's Motor Car
The Witness
Grave Sitting
The Prophecy
Dream House
Malibu Cop
Murder on the Second Floor
The Card Game
Who Was I
When I Was Big
They Towed My Car
The Hooded Chair
Cook Out
Secret of the Family Tomb
The Motorcycle
The Wailing
The Horn
The Chess Game
The Mirror of Truth
Mail Order Degree
Kid in the Closet
Terror Night
Second Sight
The Phrenologist's Head
The Murder of Roy Hennessey
Witness to Murder
The Bloody Hand
Hubert's Curse
The Find
The Girl Next Door
Ring Toss
The Warning
Wax Executioner
Surveillance Camera
The Prescription
The Sewing Machine
The Cake
Mystery Lock
The Gift
The Viewing
Number One With a Bullet
On the Road
The Scoop
The Wrong Turn
Writer's Agent
The Sleepwalker
Mysterious Strangers
You Are Next
The Landlady
Count Mystery
For the Record
A Joyful Noise
Bon Voyage
The Nightmare
Seven Hours of Bad Luck
Crypt Ghost
The Battered Doll
Bad Dreams
Blood Donor
Blind Man's Dog
The Lady in a Black Dress
Imaginary Friend
The Wealthy Widow
The Golden Cue
Two Sisters
The Greedy Investor
The Curse of Hampton Manor
The Man in the Model T
Buenos Dias
Stitches in Time
The Cigar Box
Roulette Wheel
The Flower Jury
Money Laundry
Used Car Salesman
The Music Box
Angel on Board
Ghost Town
Rock & Roll Ears
The Escape
The Wallet
Where Have All the Heroes Gone
Aspen Sunny Side
Moonstruck Beach
The Vision
The Secret of the Coins
The Perfect Record
The Pass
The Woods
Night Walker
The Old Bike
The Impossible Car Dream
One Hand in the Till
The Music Teacher
The Wreath
The Magic Rose Garden
The Vigil
The Devil's Autograph
War Surplus
Bus Stop
Couch Potato
The Bridge
Healing Hands
The News Stand
The Mentor
Ghost Visitor
Voice From the Grave
The FBI Story
The Dorm
The Dealer
The New House
The Candidate
The Ring
The Handyman
Above the Clouds
Deadbeat Daddy
Sit-Down Comedian
The Stalker
Shared Vision
Devil's Tattoo

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